OK, I’ve been following this artist for a long time now, and every time she posts I get super giddy because I’m so excited to see what she’s made recently. She has such a cute anime style and just makes some of the cutest character concepts. She busts out several drawings a week, it’s insane. I wish I could pump out the amount that she does in a short amount of time.

Based in Poland, she is predominantly a digital artist, and creates character after character, and has also been writing a comic that she posts on Deviant Art every now and then.

So if you appreciate a good anime artist, check out her work.



Artists you should see: Simone Legno


Artists you should see: Simone Legno

A personal favorite artist of mine, and the artist behind a favorite brand of mine as well! He is responsible for the visuals of Tokidoki. So if you like bright, colorful, quirky design, and adorable handbags and accessories, check out Simone Legno, based in Los Angeles and Japan, and born in Rome, Italy.

Image taken directly from Tokidoki website.

PS: I love Bastardino. Which Tokidoki character is your favorite? Comment below!

Artists you should see: Junko Mizuno


Artists you should see: Junko Mizuno

Ok, so this is a very well known artist, and if you do not know her, or if you are a fan of people like Audrey Kawasaki or Tokidoki, you should check her out. Like Audrey Kawasaki, she paints sexy/erotic, innocent, cartoon style pieces. She uses various color palettes, from piece to piece, but my favorites are when she uses bright, vibrant color.


Artists you should see: Leonidafremov on Deviant Art


Artists you should see: Leonidafremov on Deviant Art

Leonid Afremov

Wow, so, this man blows my mind. He paints with oils on canvas, only using a palette knife. I came across his paintings on Deviant Art about a year or so ago, and I have loved every piece he puts out. While I am not a huge fan of impressionism, I absolutely adore his work. I love his bright colors, the way he captures rain and light…Everything in me feels at peace when I see a painting of his.

So, if you love beautiful, colorful oil paintings, follow this man on Deviant Art. Beautiful work!

Artists you should see: Alex Vavich


Artists you should see: Alex Vavich

Alex Vavich, a personal friend of mine since we were kids, is now based in Sydney, Australia and is currently pursuing a second degree in graphic design. Her specialty is digital photography and intertwines it with illustration. I’ve loved her style for a long time. When we were in high school she would constantly draw black and white ink drawings with our mutual friend, Hazel-Thorn (Tanya Zolatareva). She speaks English and Serbian.

Facebook: Alex Vavich Photography