Super Sailor Venus {Progression Shots}


Super Sailor Venus {Progression Shots}

I will post the full picture of this sometime this week, but I wanted to show you my basic process. For now I will show you my progression that I have posted to Instagram.

I start out with a sketch, and fine tune it until I see fit. Next I move in with fine liner pens, usually a single weight like .01, and ink the entire picture (minus the circle in this case). After that I erase the stray pencil marks (again, in this case, minus the circle) to make a clean black line.

How I do color:
I start off with light shades, and I generally start with the skin. With markers, I always start light and work my way to dark, leaving white for extreme hot highlights. I look at myself in the mirror, or at photos of friends and other references to see where light and shadow naturally land, then add darks to the skin accordingly. I generally add a pink flush of color around the cheeks and eyes, so they don’t look dead. Unless they are, in which case, nix the pink in the cheeks, and maybe add a light green?

Lastly, after color, I go in and touch up ink work, sometimes I add special effects with paint and pastels or, in this case, colored pencils. I like to add thick and thin lines to add dimension and depth to the image, make parts I want to pop really pop, and really, it just adds a cool, graphic feel.

Tools used: Sketch paper, Copic/Prismacolor marker, Micron pens, brush pens.