ARTISTS YOU SHOULD SEE: Katarzyna A. Kozlowska (Lady2 on DeviantArt)


ARTISTS YOU SHOULD SEE: Katarzyna A. Kozlowska (Lady2 on DeviantArt)

I was stumbling around Instagram and came upon this gem of an artist. I don’t know much about her, other than she’s a portrait artist from Poland, but take a look at her work, and follow her on Instagram! I’m very impressed with her work.

Big Cartel:


Artists you should see: Taka Cooper


Artists you should see: Taka Cooper

Taka Cooper is a classmate of mine from the Illinois Institute of Art’s Illustration and design program. My classmates and I all really admire his work and have nothing but high hopes for him. He’s excellent at tattooing as well. So if you want to follow an up and coming Illinois artist, check him out! I promise his work will blow your mind, like it does mine.


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