Artists you should See: Loish on Deviant Art


Artists you should See: Loish on Deviant Art

Found this artist a while back, and I love her sketch quality. Based in the Netherlands, Loish updates frequently with various sketches and colored images of original characters.

If you appreciate a good digital artist, check her out!


Artists you should see: Taka Cooper


Artists you should see: Taka Cooper

Taka Cooper is a classmate of mine from the Illinois Institute of Art’s Illustration and design program. My classmates and I all really admire his work and have nothing but high hopes for him. He’s excellent at tattooing as well. So if you want to follow an up and coming Illinois artist, check him out! I promise his work will blow your mind, like it does mine.


Vote for his design on Creative Allies!

Spring Time Commissions!


Spring Time Commissions!

Hello all!
I am taking commissions currently, and would love to be considered to do your creative jobs, as I am a student trying to pay her way through college 🙂 If you are interested in commissioning me, here are some of my starting rates.

Here is my website for examples of my work!

Please message me here or email me at!

Artists you should see: Simone Legno


Artists you should see: Simone Legno

A personal favorite artist of mine, and the artist behind a favorite brand of mine as well! He is responsible for the visuals of Tokidoki. So if you like bright, colorful, quirky design, and adorable handbags and accessories, check out Simone Legno, based in Los Angeles and Japan, and born in Rome, Italy.

Image taken directly from Tokidoki website.

PS: I love Bastardino. Which Tokidoki character is your favorite? Comment below!

Artists you should see: Junko Mizuno


Artists you should see: Junko Mizuno

Ok, so this is a very well known artist, and if you do not know her, or if you are a fan of people like Audrey Kawasaki or Tokidoki, you should check her out. Like Audrey Kawasaki, she paints sexy/erotic, innocent, cartoon style pieces. She uses various color palettes, from piece to piece, but my favorites are when she uses bright, vibrant color.


Artists you should see: Leonidafremov on Deviant Art


Artists you should see: Leonidafremov on Deviant Art

Leonid Afremov

Wow, so, this man blows my mind. He paints with oils on canvas, only using a palette knife. I came across his paintings on Deviant Art about a year or so ago, and I have loved every piece he puts out. While I am not a huge fan of impressionism, I absolutely adore his work. I love his bright colors, the way he captures rain and light…Everything in me feels at peace when I see a painting of his.

So, if you love beautiful, colorful oil paintings, follow this man on Deviant Art. Beautiful work!