Art Talk: My anime inspiration



Today I thought I’d share a couple of the artists that have inspired my art over the years. I grew up watching Disney movies, and around the age of ten, I was introduced to Japanese anime style when my older sister showed me Sailor Moon on Toonami. (She will deny that it was her that got me started on it, considering my following 10 year obsession) When I got into high school and middle school, I met people and got introduced to other anime styles, not just the sugar happy shoujo style that is Naoko Takeuchi. Senior year I was introduced to the first artist, that was NOT anime/manga related, that really inspired me, Alphonse Mucha. My friends did a presentation on him for my senior year art seminar class and I was hooked. About a year or so later I actually discovered that he has a heavy influence in a lot of anime and manga art, as does the art nouveau movement in general. 

Examples of how art nouveau has influenced anime:

Elfen Lied’s opening theme is pretty much an homage to Gustav Klimt.


Full opening animation (WARNING: Nudity):

Ah! My Goddess artist, Kosuke Fujishima:

Image Image

Art nouveau is actually still very widely appreciated to this day. My favorite uses of it are when it’s mashed up with something super nerdy.




Art by Megan Lara. Follow her. She’s amazing.


Back in the anime and manga realm.  Images will be posted in order of artists I discuss. I love the art of Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres by Yuu Watase. I love the way she draws bodies and I love her unique eye style. Ai Yazawa, author of Nana, has a wonderful, hand done feel to her work which you can see in her line work in manga pages. That and she has a very stand out style among other Japanese manga artists. CLAMP, a group of female manga artists and authors, are another very heavy influence in my own art. My friends have told me that my style looks like CLAMP, Watase and Naoko Takeuchi had a baby. CLAMP has had many styles over the years, but their most iconic are the graphic heavy styles of Magic Knight Rayearth and RG Veda of the 80s and 90s. Their new style though, with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Chobits are actually pretty sweet too. 


Yuu Watase: Ayashi no Ceres



Ai Yazawa: Nana



CLAMP: Magic Knight Rayearth



^Chobits also by CLAMP

Moving right along, I would go on about manga artists that inspire me, but that would be a novel. Lately I’ve been into shows like Puella Magi and Attack on Titan. If you haven’t seen either of those, I suggest you get on that. 

I apologize for the graphic heavy post! In recent years my art has been most influenced by my friends, family, artists I meet, western comic and cartoon style…I want to be a versatile, well rounded artist, not just a one trick pony. 


Art by me! 

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I’m thinking I might post a marker tutorial next? 




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