A few starting words…


I’ve decided to start posting my thoughts about art and the industry of illustration, advice, possibly some tutorials and such on a blog. I am in no way a writer, but I wanted to express how I feel about the arts that would leave it open for discussion.

In high school, I had a lot of friends that I shared thoughts on art with constantly. Though we would butt heads quite frequently, I learned a lot from these friends. I miss them terribly. One is in Japan with the JET program, and another is pursuing a career in digital photography down in Sydney, Australia. As for my friends that remain in the country, well, growing up and life gets in the way. We still hang out as often as we can, but hey, that’s unfortunately part of getting older. You dont see people as much as you would like to.

So, follow this blog if you would like to, but it really is mainly for expressing my thoughts on various subjects related to art. Chime in, if you wish 🙂



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