Artists you should See: Loish on Deviant Art


Artists you should See: Loish on Deviant Art

Found this artist a while back, and I love her sketch quality. Based in the Netherlands, Loish updates frequently with various sketches and colored images of original characters.

If you appreciate a good digital artist, check her out!


Super Sailor Venus {Progression Shots}


Super Sailor Venus {Progression Shots}

I will post the full picture of this sometime this week, but I wanted to show you my basic process. For now I will show you my progression that I have posted to Instagram.

I start out with a sketch, and fine tune it until I see fit. Next I move in with fine liner pens, usually a single weight like .01, and ink the entire picture (minus the circle in this case). After that I erase the stray pencil marks (again, in this case, minus the circle) to make a clean black line.

How I do color:
I start off with light shades, and I generally start with the skin. With markers, I always start light and work my way to dark, leaving white for extreme hot highlights. I look at myself in the mirror, or at photos of friends and other references to see where light and shadow naturally land, then add darks to the skin accordingly. I generally add a pink flush of color around the cheeks and eyes, so they don’t look dead. Unless they are, in which case, nix the pink in the cheeks, and maybe add a light green?

Lastly, after color, I go in and touch up ink work, sometimes I add special effects with paint and pastels or, in this case, colored pencils. I like to add thick and thin lines to add dimension and depth to the image, make parts I want to pop really pop, and really, it just adds a cool, graphic feel.

Tools used: Sketch paper, Copic/Prismacolor marker, Micron pens, brush pens.

Games you should Play: Bravely Default


Games you should Play: Bravely Default

I promise I have a good reason for posting about video games on my page. It is no secret that I’m a huge nerd, I sell video games for a living. Recently, I’ve been playing Bravely Default, a new game by Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in the states in February this year.

The reason I chose to post about it here, is because it is one of the most visually stunning games I’ve ever played on a Nintendo hand held. I love the art style of the characters, I absolutely love the hand drawn and pieced together animated backgrounds, and the story is awesome. Visually, it is one of the most stunning games I’ve ever seen. The city of Florem, so far, is probably my favorite town thus far, with its extremely bright, vivid color.

It is also no secret that I tend to criticize and appreciate movies, music videos, and video games for their art styles and directions, so If you were expecting more of a review on the game, I apologize, but if you enjoy a good JRPG, give Bravely Default a try. I promise it wont disappoint you.

For a full review, click here!




OK, I’ve been following this artist for a long time now, and every time she posts I get super giddy because I’m so excited to see what she’s made recently. She has such a cute anime style and just makes some of the cutest character concepts. She busts out several drawings a week, it’s insane. I wish I could pump out the amount that she does in a short amount of time.

Based in Poland, she is predominantly a digital artist, and creates character after character, and has also been writing a comic that she posts on Deviant Art every now and then.

So if you appreciate a good anime artist, check out her work.


ARTISTS YOU SHOULD SEE: Katarzyna A. Kozlowska (Lady2 on DeviantArt)


ARTISTS YOU SHOULD SEE: Katarzyna A. Kozlowska (Lady2 on DeviantArt)

I was stumbling around Instagram and came upon this gem of an artist. I don’t know much about her, other than she’s a portrait artist from Poland, but take a look at her work, and follow her on Instagram! I’m very impressed with her work.

Big Cartel:

Artists you should see: Taka Cooper


Artists you should see: Taka Cooper

Taka Cooper is a classmate of mine from the Illinois Institute of Art’s Illustration and design program. My classmates and I all really admire his work and have nothing but high hopes for him. He’s excellent at tattooing as well. So if you want to follow an up and coming Illinois artist, check him out! I promise his work will blow your mind, like it does mine.


Vote for his design on Creative Allies!